Real Prismatic

Unlike distorted software generated characters, Real Prismatic letters are milled sharp and ‘true’, eliminating the need for chiseling and excessive sanding. Incorporating this quick turnaround, moderately priced step into your workflow will significantly reduce labor time in production while yielding a distinctly high quality final product. Real Prismatic can be performed on a wide range of letter styles, improving and refining the overall appearance of your finished sign product - an easy and affordable way to ensure your project stands out from the rest!


Real Prismatic improves and enchances virtually all fonts and type styles.

Please provide basic details using the short form below. Next, upload the accompanying vector based version of the text desired and allow us to provide a cost proposal. If proposal is accepted, within 24hrs you will receive a workable Real Prismatic version of your text, ready for milling within your design. The final file you receive will be production ready to the highest industry standards.

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